Consulting Services For Retailers and Service Providers

Our consultants have extensive experience in retail management and as a result can help to improve all aspects of your retail operation.

We offer many services in order to help your retail business thrive.


Business operations is a critical, and often overlooked, aspect for a retailer or service provider. Mismanaged business operations can lead to increased costs and reduced revenues. The Dunckel Group offers retail consulting services for business operations. We can develop an operations plan for your business to succeed. We can also assess your current operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop a remediation plan.


Small and medium sized retailers can lower costs while providing a higher quality retail environment by using our management outsourcing services for store and district manager positions. Many small businesses and medium businesses may not find it economically viable to hire an experienced store or district manager for their stores, even though they may greatly benefit from it. The Dunckel Group can provide your business with experienced management consultants. Our consultants are able to bring years of experience in large retail operations to your business.

  • Lower employment costs through reduced overhead
  • Increase productivity and¬†operations by having access to an experienced retail consultant
  • Increase flexibility


Employee engagement provides many benefits to your retail business. Sales and customer satisfaction can be increased. Improved productivity lowers payroll expenses and reduced turnover lowers employee recruiting and training costs.


Training is an ongoing process that all companies must take part in to succeed. Training can include new processes or reinforcement of old ideas. We have experience training associates, supervisors, managers, district managers, and senior executives. Unsure about what training you need? Not a problem! We offer no cost assessments to determine what type of training you can benefit from.