HiringHiring is an extremely important process for any company because it keeps internal costs down. Finding the right candidate for the right position can lead to the company’s ultimate success. While hiring the wrong candidate can consequently hurt the business.

Ways to improve your company’s hiring process:

First of all, look for long term potential in the candidate. Hiring a candidate that wants to grow with your company will decrease overall turnover, in addition to lowering overall company hiring costs. The company should also look for integrity. The candidate needs to have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Another way is to seek out a candidate that is team player. In many situations, employees will have to function with fellow employees on a project/task as a result of job deadline needed to be completed.

Next, look for a motivated candidate. The candidate should be driven to excel. This consequently relates to long term potential as well. A motivated candidate is a candidate that wants to exceed expectations and therefore grow with the company. Finally, fitting the work environment is especially relevant. When interviewing the potential employee, it is important to measure their “fit” in two distinct ways. First, consider their fit based on knowledge, skill capacity, and overall abilities to successfully perform the required tasks at hand. Second, envision how they would personally “fit” into the company culture.

Improving your hiring process

  • Write a better job description in order to attract more qualified candidates. Put more emphasis on what your company can do for the candidate versus a long list of roles/responsibilities.
  • Look at house recruitment/talent. Before going externally, look at internal qualified talent.
  • Embrace social media and digital trends. Make sure the company’s career site is mobile friendly.
  • Improve your interviews. Set aside the uninterrupted time for the interviewee.
  • Check social media profiles. You could be missing a key way to find out more about the individual as a person and an employee.
  • Let the candidates interview you, which will give you a chance to see what’s important to them.


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